Accordion Player - Composer


Giorgio Albanese was born 30 years ago in Ostuni, Italy. He has represented Italy three times at the prestigious “World Accordion Championships” and won more than 30 national and international competitions, becoming one of the youngest accordion players with the most awards.  In 2009 he gained a degree in “Jazz Music” at the Conservatory of Music “Niccolò Piccinni,”  Bari and in 2012 he specialized in “New Language Composition and Interpretation” at the Conservatory of Music, “Nino Rota”, Monopoli, achieving distinction, both times.

He has the pleasure of playing and collaborating with many leading musicians of both national and international fame, among them, Jhon Thicai (DEN), Gianni Lenoci (IT), Steve Potts (USA), Mirko Guerrini (ITA), Mikael Swafirowski (FIN), Yedo Gibson (BRA), Eugenio Colombo (ITA), Michele Rabbia (ITA), Pino Minafra (ITA), Carlo Actis Dato (Ita), Ricardo Tejero (SPA) and William Parker (USA). He has also been actively involved in a wide variety of  musical projects that span  traditional as well as more contemporary jazz, working across multidiscipline arts such as theatre, dance and cinema. His music is influenced by world sounds and sound experimentation, producing a more profound, intrinsic language of music.

After his academic studies he focused on developing his own approach to music completely independent from the predominant aesthetic standards. This approach has enabled him to conceive the accordion as a “modern” sound and language, a synthesis of a rich artistic journey which finds its origins in the language of contemporary jazz.

His original, musical works were used in the short film “L’ultima partenza”.  He has composed music for theatre and from the start, has experimented with the interaction between sound and video, and more generally between visual arts and music, always looking for the most innovative ways of making art.

He  often receives invites from all over the world for workshops and masterclasses on jazz accordion. He conducts musical improvisation workshops inspired by both the Afro-american jazz tradition and European contemporary music.

He works on different projects and holds concerts all over the world: Italy, France, Argentina, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, China, South Korea, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Croatia, Finland.