Journey into the sound and imagination with a total approach, conveying the languages of jazz, world music, contemporary music, improvisation and creativity in one dimension. Avant-garde and tradition together in the pursuit of unusual sounds and unexplored areas, as well as melodic déjà vu and reminiscences. A place where Originals, Standards, Songs share the same journey. Watch the video

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Giorgio Albanese | Jazz Accordion Player & Composer | Fisarmonicista


The project’s purpose is the exploration of sounds and utilising them within the timbral alchemy of contemporary jazz. Creating an energy and freedom that act as a blueprint for a musical performance that alternates between original compositions and reinterpretations of jazz standards. Producing a language that tries to expand the geometrical boundaries of  pre-existing style forms, a language in which sound becomes substance in movement.

Line Up:

Giorgio Albanese (Accordion, Synth); Gianni Lenoci (Piano, Fender Rhodes); Danilo Gallo (Double Bass, Electric Bass); Pippo D’ Ambrosio (Drums, Percussion); Guest: Steve Potts (Soprano Sax, Alto)

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Giorgio Albanese & Sarita Schena

The project begins with the voice of Sarita Schena, a singer with whom he establishes a partnership that combines their experiences in a very original way. Paying tribute to the common roots between Italy and the Latin people in overseas countries, to their traditions, culture and way of thinking. The repertoire is inspired by this idea, tasting the South American colours through reinterpretations of some master pieces of the past and particularly the tango with its rich nuances. Watch the video

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