“The young Apulian accordion player is an eclectic and versatile musician gifted with an extraordinary artistic sensibility, he is undoubtedly one of the most talented new Italian jazz artists.” Corriere del Mezzogiorno, May 2009


“Giorgio is an accordionist who fully explores all the features of his instrument; even though the jazz influences are predominant, his language is contemporary and freely in accordance with his artistic, eclectic and modernist personality.” Repubblica, November 2013


“His style is a combination of jazz and contemporary music. He fully explores his instrument, the accordion, that allows an infinite range of musical expression.” Il Quotidiano, December 2013

Prizers & Awards

– Italia Award – Fisarmonica Jazz – 1st prize;
– World Accordion Championship – 2nd prize;
– Trophèe Mondiale de l’ accordeon – 2nd prize;
– 4th Accordion Art Festival – Italia Award 1st prize;
– International Competition “Premio Leo Ceroni”- 1st prize;
– National Roland V-Accordion festival – 1st prize;
– Primus Ikaalinen competition – 2nd prize;
– International competition “Città di Lanciano” – 1st prize;
– Intenational Competition “Città di Capistrello” – 1st prize;
– International competition “Trofeo città di Palagianello” – 1st prize;
– International competition for accordion player for soloist and group – 1st prize;