Accordion Player - Composer


Individuality and the exaltation of uniqueness are the keys for survival. Artists can be the bridge between past, present and future.

Art needs a reboot and this is a starting point for today’s artists to reevaluate the role that they have for the society.

Why you make music?

I believe in the social power of music as a tool to a better society, and to connect creative musical thinking in a more holistic way. Personally, I dream to create a music community that can harmonize entire populations through musical improvisation as a way to develop an expanded experience. That goes beyond listening and into awareness, emotions and acceptance. This will incorporate listening to oneself, to others, to instruments and sounds, to the environment and beyond.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Our society and cultural environment seem to require flexibility in different areas of our lives. More frequently than the past, people of all ages constantly adapt their lives, habits and behavior, in order to thrive. I’m constantly inspired by artists that go beyond the appearance and are able to anticipate trends of the future.